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M = mobilità verso l'estero, R = ricerca, B = borsa, RC= ricerca collaborativa, LOI = Letter of Interest, FP = Full Proposal
R/RC 21/3/16 (pre-registr.)
31/3/16 (LOI)
9/16 (FP)
Human Frontier Science (HFSP) up to 3 years
R/RC 15/4/16 (LOI)
15/9/16 (FP)
Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowships
P/R 1/5/16 (LOI) 15/9/16 (FP) gennaio 2017 (inteview) Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Research Foundation Award 2017
R 31/5/16, 31/9/16, 30/11/16 Templeton Foundation. Life sciences & Genetics. Small and large grants
R/RC 3/6/16 FP
2/9/16 FP
9/12/16 FP
Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation. Academic Proposal. 2016 PRECLINICAL DRUG DISCOVERY
Nota Bene LOI entro due settimane dalla scadenza FP
R 30/6/16
30/9/16 31/12/16
Baxalta - Investigator Initiated Research Grant – Immunology, Hematology, Oncology
R 1/7/16 & 1/12/16 The Hope Foundation SEED Fund on cancer research
R 1/7/16-1/1/17
BD Biosciences Research Grants. Immunology and Cancer grants
R/RC  25/8/16 & 27/10/16 Cure Parkinson’s Trust
R/RC 1/9/16 LOI; 27/1/17 FP Europe and Global Challenges. Volkswagen Foundation

7/9/16-14/9/16 entrambi FP

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Research grants and Pilot and feasibility awards
R 15/9/16 Career Development Award. Armenise-Harvard Foundation
B 20/9/16 Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2017 Fondazione Veronesi
R 15/9/16 Fondazione San Salvatore. Ricerca sul cancro
M 15/9/16 CANON foundation in Europe fellowships
R 30/9/16 The Bruno and Ilse Frick Foundation for Research on ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
R/RC 30/9/16 Roche per la ricerca
 R 30/9/16 & 15/2/17  Fritz Thyssen Foundation. Medicine and natural sciences, Molecular causes in the development of illnesses
 R  31/10/16   Morton Cure Paralysis Fund
 R 30/6 & 30/12  Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation. Research Grants
 R/RC/M 1/5 & 1/10 The Cogito Foundation
 R/RC 1/5 & 1/10 The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America
 R  15/1 The Lalor Foundation. Reproductive Health. Post-doc fellowships
 R/RC  Sempre aperto Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla. FINANZIAMENTO DI PROGETTI SPECIALI
R sempre aperto Patrocinio Cariplo
RC 1/3 e 15/9 Fondation Mérieux. Grants programme
P Iscrizioni dal 1/10 Eppendorf Young investigators award
R 5-15/1 & 15/7 The Leakey Foundation. Research grants
R/M 15/9 Canon Foundation in Europe. Travel to Japan
R/RC 2 volte/anno:
27/5/15 LOI & 24/6/15 FP;
28/10/15 LOI & 25/11/15 FP
MICHAEL J. FOX FOUNDATION. Parkinson’s disease
R 1/4 e 1/10 Cancer Immunology - CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
RC 15/5 LOI
15/7 FP
Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance. Bronya J. Keats Award for International Collaboration in Research on FA. Phillip Bennett and Kyle Bryant Translational Research Award
P 31/5 Prince Mahidol Award
R 1/10 (LOI) 15/10 (FP)   Hereditary Disease Foundation. The Basic Research Grants Program & John J. Wasmuth postdoctoral fellowships 
R/M varie scadenze Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation
R sempre aperto The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund
R/RC pre-contatto con la fondazione Fondazione “Euro-Med Development Center for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises”
R Diverse scadenze International Centre for Genetic Engeneering and Biotechnology (ICGEB). Postdoctoral fellowships, short-term fellowships, pre-doctoral fellowships
R 15/1 15/4 15/7 15/10 CurePSP. Foundation for FOR PSP/CBD and related brain diseases. Up to 3 years grant
R marzo, settembre Thrasher Research Fund. Grants for pediatric medical research
R 4 scadenze annue:
10/3 16/6 22/9 10/12
Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation
R 4 scadenze annue:
7/1 1/4 1/7 7/10
National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Pilot Grant. Up to 1 year grant
R/M variabili IBRO International Brain Research Organization. Research and travel grants
M 1/3 ISID/ESCMID Fellowships. Up to 3 months travel grant 
R Tre volte l'anno:
6/1 30/4 2/10
Mérieux Research (Advanced and Starting) Grants Programme. From infectious diseases to water safety. Up to 2 years grant
R Due volte l'anno:
31/3 e 31/8 
Bayer HealthCare, Grants4targets
R/M/P Diverse scadenze EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization). Long and short term mobility fellowships, EMBO Young Investigators, Gold Medal, Women in science award
R Due volte l'anno:
valutazioni 10/1 e 10/5
Nestlè Foundation 1-3 years grant
M/R Tre volte l'anno (vedi bando per dettagli) Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds mobility grants. Travel grant/short-term fellowship, MD fellowship, PhD fellowship
R Due volte l'anno:
1/5 LOI 1/7 FP
1/11 LOI 14/1 FP
Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America’s. Up to 3 years grant for experienced PI
M Due volte l'anno:
15/1 e 15/7
Union for International Cancer Control. International Cancer Technology Transfer Fellowship & Yamagiwa-Yoshida Memorial international study grant. Travel grants
R 31/7 (LOI) 30/9 (FP) Glaucoma Research Foundation. Shaffer Grants
Domanda da inviare entro 6 settimane dal viaggio European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). Albert Renold Travel Fellowships for Young Scientists. Travel grants
R Due volte l'anno:
28/2 e 15/7 
The Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund (UK) Fellowship Programme. Project grants 
R Sempre aperto DAAD (Servizio Tedesco per lo Scambio Accademico) & Roche Diagnostics. 1 year fellowship 
R/M due volte l'anno  DAAD (Servizio Tedesco per lo Scambio Accademico) 
R Sempre aperto  The Wallace Global Fund